Amber Robinson
Beauty Haven

“Expert keynotes, networking opportunities and grounded insights make Swarm the premium event for experienced community managers to stay on top of their game.”


“The best conference for Community Managers of owned platforms. Highly qualified speakers, attendees and organizers.”


“Such an amazing space to immerse yourself with like-minded folk with a passion for collaboration and a superpower that lies in community, anywhere and everywhere.”

Jason Hill

“Many community managers work solo or in small teams. Swarm provides the important opportunity to get ideas, inspiration and best practices from other community professionals so we can all keep growing inclusive and valuable communities for all.”

John Coate

“Without a doubt Swarm is the best community gathering I have attended, and I’ve attended a lot in my 30yr career. Every detail is designed to facilitate relationship building – and it’s wildly successful. I urge everyone to go. ”

Matthew Cox

“Swarm has a signal-to-noise ratio that puts other conferences to shame. It has a stunning track record of delivering the goods. Just register!”

Sarah Hawk

“Leaving Swarm is like going home after school camp – you feel like you’ve been separated from your people. The atmosphere is nurturing, challenging and inspirational. If you work in the community space you’d be crazy to miss it.”

Sophie Potter

“You can’t put a price on the value of connecting with community managers from different sectors. As a community for mental health and suicide prevention with specific needs and risks, we learn from everyone and see what fits for us. Swarm is an awesome opportunity to meet others and hear from the best.”

Convince Your Boss

Best of the best

Swarm brings you authentic community management thought leaders and trailblazers from around the world, with a focus on those people that our attendees might not normally be aware of or able to access.

Practitioners not pundits

Swarm speakers and contributors walk the walk. They’re not self promoters or professional ‘gurus’. They’re working community professionals who live and breathe the strategies, techniques and lessons they share. They have war stories, case studies, peer reviewed research and practical examples for you to learn from.

Content & advice tailored to you

While some advice and instruction is applicable to online communities worldwide, certain areas require local specificity and insight. In particular, online community governance, liabilities and legal issues in Australia are very different to those in the U.S. or Europe. Get the advice you need for your turf, your business, your organisation and your needs.

Diversity of experience, content & opinion

Unlike many events, we are also committed to breaking down silos and encouraging a interdisciplinary approach (community management is not black and white). We understand that a sociologist has as much to offer a community manager as a digital marketing expert, and we believe everyone benefits when we get exposed to new methods and ideas.

Networking time well invested

As community managers, we understand that the conversations ‘in the margins’ are the most important. It’s where relationships are forged, collaborative opportunities ignite and ideas spark. But conferences often leave no time for true getting to know one another. In additional to formal networking, swarm offers time for relaxed sociability, where attendees and contributors can mingle, connect, break out or do their own thing.

Other benefits include:

  1. Reducing churn or burn out in an industry associated with these issues, by connecting your community manager to a rich peer support network
  2. Hands on workshops where problems and scenarios can be worked through collaboratively
  3. Expose your community manager to case-studies and relevant research to better inform your organisation
  4. Help your community manager formalise a community strategy and move away from simply putting out fires!