Meet Jordan Guiao, Director of the Centre for Responsible Technology.

Community management was his first full-time job!

Before he even knew what it was – he was managing an online community for a youth media company. “I got a taste of the power of online communities and connections, and I was hooked.”

Since then his role has morphed into more general management and looking after digital properties, but online communities started it all off.

At Swarm this year, Jordan will be talking us through Community and Connection in the age of automation.

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Jordan Guiao headshotWhat’s unique about working on your community?

I’m involved in a number of different online communities and it’s always interesting to see the great diversity across each of them – I feel like each community is unique in its own way.


What’s your favourite community right now and why?

I’m in a number of geeky gamer Discords that never fails to put a smile to my face.


What do you consider the most exciting thing about the community management space today?

The scale and diversity of being online is still unmatched, despite a lot of problems.

What do you consider the most challenging thing about the community management space today?

Automation! Like I will go into during my presentation!


What are you reading/watching/listening to right now that all community professionals should read/watch/listen to?

Shameless plug – my book Disconnect: Why we get pushed to extremes online and how to stop it – looks at how online spaces can warp us and tries to give people ways to navigate out of this.

Another great book I’m reading is ‘Power and Progress’ by Daron Acemoglu and Simon Johnson, which charts our history with technology and how it’s very much driven by specific political and social forces (e.g. humans) and we should never forget that our online spaces and our technology is not a given – they are always decided through public forces that we can and should influence.


Why should community peeps come to Swarm?

Because we should get off our screens and meet in person from time to time – nothing will ever replace the physical experience of connecting with your peers in person!


Tickets are on sale now – grab yours!

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