Meet Annie Pistikakis, Director Customer Community for Who Gives A Crap / Good Time.

Hitting the stage at the young age of 4, performing in theatre shows, TV and playing team sports have all shaped who Annie is today.

Having worked in the community space for over a decade now, Annie believes it’s truly fascinating seeing it evolve so much. She has had the opportunity to work for some incredible organisations that include Breast Cancer Network Australia, Lululemon, Officeworks, Les Mills, Quiip, CPA Australia and now settling in at Who Gives A Crap, you can say that being involved in community in some way, shape or form is something she was meant to do.

She loves bringing people together, creating experiences that last forever and leaving a little sprinkle of Annie wherever she goes. She has had a great deal of experience in both IRL communities, online forums and now customer communities and she is thrilled to be a part of Swarm 2023.

At Swarm this year, Annie will be take the stage as our MC for the event, bringing her charisma and charm to our stage.

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Annie Pistikakis headshotWhat’s unique about working on your community?

We don’t have the traditional community, the one place where people gather, yet! Instead we have a very special customer community. It’s spread across our social channels, our blog, hand written letters and email.


What’s your favourite community right now and why?

I’m a strengths based coach with Gallup and really love the coaching community I’m part of on FB.

There’s lots engagement from coaches asking questions, to new coaches just starting and I love how the members of this community are so willing to share resources. It’s fantastic.


What do you consider the most exciting thing about the community management space today?

So many things have changed in the community management space over the last 10 years. It’s crazy to think how far we have come and where we currently find ourselves in the social media world. What I love the most is that brands and businesses are now really leaning into community and making it a focus. It feels like this space is no longer taking a back sit in the bus and more attention is being given to “community”.


What do you consider the most challenging thing about the community management space today?

On the flip side to that, community is all of a sudden everything and everywhere. This can put a lot of expectations onto the community management space. There is that fast pace pressure to keep up and stay on top of everything and that in itself is challenging.


What are you reading/watching/listening to right now that all community professionals should read/watch/listen to?

I find lots of information coming out of LinkedIn and really enjoy my daily check online to see what my favourite community people are sharing.


Why should community peeps come to Swarm?

Well this is your community, your people coming together. It’s a chance to be amongst peers, to learn, to grow and to have some fun. You will have serious FOMO (do people still say that?) if you miss it!


Tickets are on sale now – grab yours!

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