Amber Robinson
Beauty Haven

“Expert keynotes, networking opportunities and grounded insights make Swarm the premium event for experienced community managers to stay on top of their game.”


“The best conference for Community Managers of owned platforms. Highly qualified speakers, attendees and organizers.”


“Such an amazing space to immerse yourself with like-minded folk with a passion for collaboration and a superpower that lies in community, anywhere and everywhere.”

Jason Hill

“Swarm is the must-attend event of the year for Australian community managers. The speakers always inform, challenge and inspire.”

John Coate

“Without a doubt Swarm is the best community gathering I have attended, and I’ve attended a lot in my 30yr career. Every detail is designed to facilitate relationship building – and it’s wildly successful. I urge everyone to go. ”

Matthew Cox

“Swarm has a signal-to-noise ratio that puts other conferences to shame. It has a stunning track record of delivering the goods. Just register!”

Sarah Hawk

“Leaving Swarm is like going home after school camp – you feel like you’ve been separated from your people. The atmosphere is nurturing, challenging and inspirational. If you work in the community space you’d be crazy to miss it.”

Sophie Potter

“You can’t put a price on the value of connecting with community managers from different sectors. As a community for mental health and suicide prevention with specific needs and risks, we learn from everyone and see what fits for us. Swarm is an awesome opportunity to meet others and hear from the best.”